A bird of only 17 grams that travels 2,770 kilometers through the open sea

Even taking into account all the fat they accumulate to perform their impressive migration, striped warblers (Setophaga striata) have a mass of just 17 grams.

The equivalent of fifty aspirin tablets that makes a scale of 2,770 kilometers by open sea.

The striped warbler heads south in autumn from northwestern North America and travels as far as the Caribbean, and even as far as Colombia and Venezuela. For a long time it was unknown how much time was spent flying over the ocean.

Now, however, we already have the data in this regard, as David Barrie explains in his book The Most Incredible Journeys:

With the help of extraordinarily small tracking devices, scientists have managed to show that they can fly endlessly from Long Island to the island of Hispaniola or Puerto Rico, a distance of 2,770 kilometers across open seas.

So these birds can complete non-stop flights of between 2,270 and 2,770 kilometers in just two or three days. For this reason, before starting the trip, it doubles its body mass by storing lipids and proteins, and it can do so in just one week. Later, when it starts to fly, a process of atrophying of its digestive system begins.

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