Cats have a great ability to create sounds and also to hear them

In Ancient Egypt, if a family cat died, all members of the family plucked their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. Cats, throughout history, have acquired an enviable status.

However, beyond the human prayer book, it is also true that cats have some truly surprising characteristics. Especially when it comes to sounds.

Cats are capable of producing almost 100 different sounds, while dogs only 10. A cat, in fact, has the ability to change its meow to get what it wants. It can even imitate the cry of a baby to get food.

Cats also have 36 muscles in each ear and they work like satellite dishes, directing them towards the source of the sound, so they’re able to pick up sounds very accurately, extracting nuances that we probably can’t.

Therefore, by combining their ability to produce sounds with the ability to record them, it has been possible to compose music specifically designed for cats that is capable of calming them down. Which is an advantage when the cat is stressed because he has to go to the vet or undergo surgery.

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