Did you know that there is an animal capable of orienting itself with the help of stars?

Did you know that the only animal that has been proven to be able to use an individual star to navigate and orient itself is the common seal? Well yes.

To test this, two seals were trained to identify a “guide star” (Sirius) on a projection of the firmament as seen in the northern hemisphere, so that they would indicate their position by swimming towards the edge point of the pool. just below the star. As David Barrie explains in the book The Most Incredible Journeys:

In time, they were able to perform this feat quite accurately, heading for a point no more than one or two degrees from Sirius’s azimuth. In view of these results, the researchers argued that harbor seals could develop a compass similar to those used by Micronesian and Polynesian pilots.

If this idea is correct, it could help us explain how many marine animals navigate. However, don’t let this ability and its appearance confuse you, as a seal can be just as dangerous as a bear, so run away from it. Also, seals are very cruel, even to their loved ones. Just take a look at the way a leopard seal kills a penguin.

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