Did you know that… there is World Toilet Day?

Although for some it is incredible; the toilet, indoro, service, lavatory, toilet, urinal, evacuatory, urinal or however it is known; It has a worldwide commemorative date.

Since 2013, World Toilet Day is celebrated every November 19. This derived from the International Year of Sanitation that took place in 2008 and whose purpose was to promote hygienic conditions for the population worldwide as they are vital for health.

Even when it is of the utmost importance that each family has an evacuation system and that each place in the world has a method for waste treatment; More than two billion people in the world lack a clean and safe place in which to pass urine and feces.

For this reason, and for reasons of health and hygiene, the toilet is an essential item and World Toilet Day seeks to raise awareness, raise awareness and call the attention of both the authorities and public opinion, so that in each country take the necessary actions to guarantee the existence of a toilet available to all citizens; by virtue of 80 percent of diseases, especially in those developing countries, are due to inadequate sanitation and unsafe access to water.

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