Did you know that there was a rainbow that lasted almost 9 hours?

The rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon produced by the appearance of a spectrum of light frequencies in the sky. It happens when the sun’s rays pass through the water droplets in the atmosphere. Consequently, it is a hypnotic phenomenon that has inspired many tales and fables that actually lasts for a very short time. Usually, these phenomena last less than an hour.

However, there’s an exception. A rainbow that was recorded on one occasion that lasted almost nine hours.

On November 30, 2017, members of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) observed a rainbow over Yangmingshan in Taipei, China, continuously for 8 hours and 58 minutes.

It is believed that the cause of this phenomenon was the arrival of a monsoon season wind loaded with seawater. And a relatively slow wind speed of 2.5 to 5 meters per second.

No less than four are the rainbows that were sighted at the same time during the observations, in which 3,520 verified photographs were taken. It was thus confirmed that it broke the previous record for the longest-recorded rainbow, in Yorkshire, in the north of England, on March 14, 1994. That rainbow lasted six hours, from 09:00 to 15:00, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

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