Do you know how you can earn points? Here we give you all the steps

With AskmeNoww you can not only ask your questions and get certified answers from professionals in all areas, but you can also answer questions from other users and earn points for answering. These points are defined in credits that you can use in your favor. You can earn points that are adjusted in money. These are the two ways you can earn points.

Method 1 – Earn points

Step 1: Register on our platform. On our main page you will find a section in the upper left corner, select the “Register” option, fill in the requested information and you will be registered.

Step 2: Go to the question section and answer the questions. Go to the questions section and there you can select the category of questions you want to answer, you can also select “Unsolved Questions” and there answer the questions you want.

Step 3: If the person who asked selects your answer as “Best Answer” you will receive one point (one point = 1 dollar). The more of your answers are chosen as the best answer, the more points you can earn.

Step 4: You can see the points you have earned. Right next to your username appears a box with the number of points you have.

Method 2 – Buy Points

Step 1: At the top left, go to the “Portfolio” section. On the screen you can see the packages with the number of points available to buy, select the one you want and complete the requested data.

You can pay with PayPal or credit/debit card. When making the purchase, you will be able to see the transaction history of all the purchases you make and points that you have exchanged for money.

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