Functional computer based on drops of water, did you know?

The technological world has too many myths and legends about the advances they create every year. Thus, we tell you about one of the curiosities of technology, which you surely did not know, and that is that there is a computer that works based on drops of water, since a team from Stanford University has a computer based on where its bits. in drops of water, it does all the tasks of a normal PC, but a little slower.

Manu Prakash, the researcher who conceived the idea for this project, considers that we already have digital computers to process information, so he does not intend to compete with them, but to specialize in other functions.

The operation of this computer is possible thanks to the fact that the drops of water act in practice as bits of information and use the precise movement of each unit of fluid to process both the data and the physical materials simultaneously.

Finally, since the system is extremely robust and the team has discovered universal design rules, Prakash plans to make a design tool for these drop circuits and make it publicly available.

Any group of people will then be able to improvise the basic logic blocks and make any complex droplet circuitry they wish. The scientists give all the details of the system in an article published in the journal Nature Physics.

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