Human beings are tender for elephants

Elephants think that human beings are cute. This curiosity was discovered by the psychologist Julia Hass, since she says that part of the brain of these little animals lights up just by seeing us, this feeling that is felt is very similar to that of us when we see a puppy.

This just goes to show how amazing elephants are, there is plenty of evidence that places these giant animals at the pinnacle of intelligence within the animal kingdom. We know that they have brains that are similar to the human brain in connectivity, and they have greater emotional intelligence than almost any other creature on earth.

Elephants are known to exhibit relatively complex social structures, forming close-knit communities and exhibiting extreme emotion at the loss of any of their relatives.

It has even been theorized that elephants are one of the few animals in the planet’s history to exhibit a recognizable ritual around death.

Elephants are also known for their altruism towards other animals, including humans. They will help other elephants if they are in trouble, regardless of their relationship.

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