Planets where the rain is diamonds

The sixth planet of the Solar System is made up of an immense gaseous mass, and its environmental conditions and chemical composition are so different from that of planet Earth that the rain is not made of water, but of diamonds. Scientists believe that about 10 million tons of these stones are produced in its atmosphere each year.

This phenomenon occurs thanks to the combination of methane gas (CH4) with storms. The rays of Saturn have very high temperatures, they are 10,000 times more powerful than those of our planet. When they are produced, they break the bonds of the molecules, separating the hydrogens on one side and the carbons on the other.

There are more doubts than certainties. Could there be a giant diamond? It is not yet known, but experts believe that rather than large chunks of the gemstone, large clouds of condensed diamond are more likely to be found. Furthermore, if there were diamonds, they would be in the depths of these planets, where temperatures exceed 3000°C and atmospheric pressure that is up to a million times greater than that of the Earth’s surface.

It has been 30 years since the possible presence of this stone on several planets in the Solar System was known, but it is the first time that it has been proven that they can remain solid despite the high temperatures on Jupiter and Saturn.

With these new data available to experts, it is known that diamonds can not only float in the depths of Saturn but can also reach a large size similar to that of an iceberg.

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