Showers: Showers of bacteria

When you turn on the shower, and a nice hot water scatters out of its faucet. Looks like we’re cleaning up. And yes, that is true. But it is no less true that there are many things that are rushing over our body in addition to that apparently clean water.

Firstly, after each use, the faucet can hold hot water for several hours, which prevents drying out of bacteria.

Bacteria and other microbes find an ideal place in the shower faucet to settle in biofilms, both in the pipes and in the shower heads. In this environment, in addition, they can collect everything that floats in the water, as if they were sea sponges. They are liters and liters of water that often pass.

Yes, in the water there is more diversity, because it is more difficult to multiply: the easier it is to do the latter, the more difficult the diversity is. These species, then, end up forming very stable ecosystems in which each of them performs a specific function.

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