The great social network Whatsapp only has 55 employees

The popular messaging network also has its secrets, it’s like a WhatsApp curiosity, it’s about how many people make up your work team and believe it or not, there are only 55 people behind this great social network. Since they are the same team, with which it started and that went to the Facebook offices, when it bought the app.

At the beginning of 2010, the company was made up of 10 workers, and the application reached Android and Nokia phones. Towards the end of 2011 “WhatsApp” began its rise to the top. Already by that time, the number of employees of the company amounted to 20.

In 2013 they announced that the app would be paid from the first use, at a time when the company already had a team of 40 people. The success was such that in January WhatsApp published a photo on Twitter, in which it can be read that that same day it reached 18 billion messages sent and received.

Today it is a company with 55 employees. Most of its workers are engineers, who manage an application with more than 450 million users per month, and which still does not include advertising.

This application that began with basic functions such as sending and receiving messages, has evolved more and more, until it can include more services that will benefit its users. Services such as calls, video calls, transferring files and even being able to send the location of where you are. These implementations, which grew over time and the history of the application, are what have made WhatsApp continue to be successful worldwide.

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