The little apple was not the first Apple logo

If you thought that multicolored apples were from the beginning the image of the great Apple, you are wrong. Well, within the curiosities of Apple, is that the great Isaac Newton was the image of the first logo of the brand in its beginnings. You could see the physicist under a tree with apples.

The first logo featured Isaac Newton, the scientist who discovered how the force of gravity works.

This fact of the fall of the apple was what aroused in Newton the inspiration for the development of the law of universal gravity. The amazing thing is that the image of Newton sitting under the tree was only used that year.

From there, the company logo that identifies it with a bitten apple is known, it follows that this choice has to do with the image and what happened to Newton.

“I knew that at that time I was not making a logo for the 20th century, it was a logo for the 19th century, but it was fun. Everything we did at the beginning was for fun,” Wayne himself explained years later.

The manzanita has undergone modifications over the years, it has kept its shape but has changed its colors.

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