The most electrical animal that we can find in nature generates up to 860 volts

In nature we can find a creature that can generate up to 860 volts.

This creature is the electric eel (genus Electrophorus), which is native to river systems in the tropics of South and Central America.

According to a study published in Nature in 2019, of the three known living species, E. voltai generates the most electricity, with up to 860 volts for a 1.2-meter-long female.

The fish produces electricity with three pairs of organs throughout the body. Dr. William Crampton, one of the study’s directors, states, however, that size and electrical potential are not related:

Electric eels can grow to enormous sizes, up to 2 meters, but these monsters often have less voltage than smaller ones.

The power of the Electrophorus voltai could be explained as a way of adapting to its aquatic environment, located in the highlands, where electrical conductivity is weak. Some 250 species of electric fish live in South America. They all produce electrical current to communicate or orient themselves, but eels are the only ones that use it to hunt or defend themselves.

Electric eels, which despite their name look more like fish than real eels, fascinate scientists for their ability to produce electricity, paralyzing their prey using an electroshock mechanism. To give you an idea: a Taser provides 19 high-voltage pulses per second, while an electric eel produces 400 pulses per second. The eel would be able to knock down a horse.

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