The name of the popular Yahoo is an acronym

The name of the popular Internet page Yahoo!, is the abbreviation of the English phrase “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”, which can be translated into Spanish as “yet another organized hierarchical oracle”. On the other hand, the meaning of this word in English means “a rough, brutish or obscenely rough person”.

This particular name, which is now known in the Internet world, was appropriated in 1994 by two PhD candidates in electrical engineering from Stanford University: David Filo and Jerry Yang. There is even the version that the name Yahoo! It comes from the fact that David’s father called Jetty and David “a couple of Yahoos”, because they were restless young people, so they decided to call the portal that way.

The original name “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” while very descriptive, did not have a commercial overtone. For this reason they decided to select the word “Yahoo”, a term that any English-speaking person can easily remember and say. More importantly, Jerry and David said they liked Yahoo’s definition of “rough, unsophisticated, uneducated.”

In those years, back in 1994, the Internet was only 5 years old and small, but with the growth of thousands of websites per day, it became difficult to find something fast, so the students diagrammed Yahoo! as your own guide to the Internet. In their words, they were “trying to take all of those things and organize them to be useful.” Jerry and David spent many nights coming up with the list of their favorite websites in the Yahoo!

At first, the list was manageable, but then it got too big to navigate easily. Currently, the huge list is divided into categories. After a while, they also became too big and had to be divided into subcategories. This morphed into the search concept known as “context-based” search, which is the search concept of Yahoo!

Today Yahoo! It is still among the most popular search engines, but in reality, few people actually use it as a search engine only.

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