The noisiest room in the world, what is it used for?

The facility, completed in 2011, is part of NASA’s Glenn Research Center, located at Plum Brook Station, a 2,590-hectare campus near Sandusky, Ohio.

The Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) is a room with concrete walls 17.37 meters high, 14.47 meters long and 11.43 meters wide.

One of its walls is covered with 36 huge speakers that are activated by pressurized nitrogen gas and can saturate the room with 163 decibels for 10 minutes.

Large-caliber rifles and pistols are capable of producing noise above 175 dB, but normally they do not exceed 140. A rock concert reaches 110. An airplane takeoff, 130.

The RATF’s job is to test parts of rockets, satellites and other gadgets with potential space uses to make sure they can withstand the intense noise generated by a rocket launch.

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