The oldest cheese we know

The oldest cheese in the world has been found in an Egyptian tomb, specifically in a tomb of Ptahmes, the mayor of the Egyptian city of Memphis during the 13th century BC. C., which was initially unearthed in 1885.

The study, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the University of Catania and the University of Cairo, has succeeded in dissolving the sample from one of the vials. The sample consisted of a solidified whitish mass, and had a canvas cloth that could have covered the jar or been used to preserve its contents.

Next, the researchers purified the protein components of the sample and analyzed them with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. The peptides detected by these techniques show that the sample was a dairy product made from cow’s milk and sheep’s or goat’s milk.

In addition, other peptides in the food sample suggest that it was contaminated with Brucella melitensis, a bacterium that causes brucellosis. This potentially deadly disease spreads from animals to people, usually from unpasteurized dairy products, that is, that raw milk that is now becoming fashionable and some administrations are irresponsibly legalizing it.

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