This is the most disgusting artificially created smell in the world and is used to test deodorants and air fresheners

Some of the most repugnant odors for humans are hydrogen sulfide (decaying food), butyric acid (rotten milk), and skatole and indole (excrement). That is, the smells linked to death, toxins and decay are the ones that most arouse a physical response from our body.

When we smell such odors, our brain gives off a clear fight or flight signal. We have evolved to avoid them because it increases the probability of survival.

The smell of Christmas cookies can bring comfort, while the smell of sewage can make the heart pound, likely thanks to a deep-seated urge to avoid disease-laden substances. Therefore, what is considered the most fetid smell in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, can be translated as “standard of the bad smell of the American bathroom”.

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