This is the primate with the most fingers: it has twelve

The ayeyee (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is a nocturnal lemur endemic to Madagascar that has an extra pair of “pseudothumbs”, giving it twelve fingers.

Previously thought to be fleshy protrusions, further analysis has revealed that they are composed of bone and carilage.

This extra finger on each hand is the finger he uses to bore holes in rotten logs and extract larvae. So the too-short-fingered aye-aye had a harder time surviving and reproducing.

In addition, the finger has other frankly striking functions, such as detecting its prey by drumming the trunk with that finger to capture the change in tone that reveals the presence of an insect inside.

This creature lives in Madagascar, and is mercilessly hunted there simply because it looks demonic. The natives of Madagascar, therefore, consider that this animal is possessed by evil spirits and that its mere existence is a risk to the world: there is even the extravagant idea that if it points its third finger at a person, they will suddenly die soon after. : His middle finger is substantially longer and thinner than the rest, in Nosferatu style.

The ayeyee is a nocturnal animal, it feeds on larvae and its tail is usually longer than the rest of its body; It weighs from two to three kilograms and can live up to 23 years.

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