This is the tree with the largest trunk diameter in the world

This Montezuma cypress that you can see in the image is 2,000 years old and grows in Santa Maria, Tule, Oxaca, Mexico. This Toaxodium mucronatum also holds the record for thickness in its trunk.

When the trunk was measured in 2005, it had a diameter of approximately 36.2 meters.

It is also known by the name of cedar, sabino, Mexican cypress. And “Tule Tree”. According to local legend, the “Tule Tree” was planted by an Aztec storm god. Another legend says that some leaders of the great nations met and decided to separate into 4 groups, heading to the 4 cardinal points and in each one they planted ahuehuetes, the great Tule would be one of them.

It is in the atrium of the church of Santa María del Tule.

According to data from the Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology (SEDUE) it has a diameter of 14.05 meters, a height of 41.85 meters and a weight of 636,107 tons. Its perimeter reaches 46 m. The locals have found different shapes for the trunk such as ‘goblin’, ‘crocodile’, ‘dolphin’, ‘deer head’, among others.

The species is native to Mexico, although it is also found in very localized areas of southern Texas and northwestern Guatemala. In 1921, to celebrate the centenary of Mexican independence, the species was selected as a national tree for its splendor, beauty, longevity, colossal dimensions, and tradition. Fortunately, its wood is soft and weak, so it is not used for construction.

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