This was the first (documented) case of a person being killed by a meteorite.

On August 22, 1888, a meteorite fell in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, striking and killing one man and paralyzing another. This is what researchers from Ege University (Turkey) have just documented, which would be proof of the first meteorite victim.

The data is based on three manuscripts written in Ottoman Turkish that were extracted from the General Directorate of State Archives of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

These findings suggest that there may be other historical records documenting other events that caused fatalities and injuries from meteorites, as the researchers suggest. Although there are claims that people have been struck and killed by meteors in history, they have not been substantiated in records until now. This is the first message in history to use three written documents describing a meteorite impact that killed a person,” the researchers conclude.

In the first manuscript the smoke trail of the meteorite is reported to have moved towards the village of Dilaver, whose name does not appear on modern maps of Iraq probably because it changed names over the decades. A similar phenomenon was also observed in the village of Jurmal, currently Gulambar. The inhabitants of the village of Dilaver at the same time “thanked Allah” that none of their inhabitants died.

After an explosion in this area for about ten minutes, however, meteorites “like rain” fell. As a result, one person died and another was paralyzed.

The second manuscript of the study also describes the event and refers to the sending of a meteorite to Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The third roughly repeats the description of the event, noting that on October 18, 1888, a local ruler sent a letter “with a fragment of the stone” to Mehmed Kamil Pasha, a statesman of the Ottoman Empire who had served four times as grand vizier.

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