This was the smallest car

In 2003, a team of engineers from the Denso Corporation in Japan built a motorized model of a 1936 Toyota AA sedan. The smallest in the world.

The project leader, Nippondenso from Kariya, thus conceived a 4.785-millimeter-long vehicle.

The vehicle is so diminutive that it is 1,736 mm high. The bumper, in turn, is 50 microns thick (a human hair is about 100 microns in diameter).

The motor, whose coil is 1 mm in diameter, propels the car to a top speed of 0.018 km/h. The ultra-fine wires at the top lead to a small magnetic motor and when a small AC signal is passed through them, the motor spins at 600rpm!

The car is made up of 24 different parts, including bodywork, tires, spare tire, wheels, axle, bearings, headlights, taillights, front bumper, rear bumper, running board, license plate, and emblem. This milestone even received its own Guinness record.

At the nanotechnological level, however, even much smaller motors have been created. Chemistry professor T. Ross Kelly has built a chemically powered nanomotor with 78 atoms. Ben Feringa of the University of Groningen has created another fifty-eight engine, which is also powered by solar energy.

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