Two countries where finding Coca-Cola will be impossible

Coca Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It tops the list of countless products and its advertising has been impeccable during all its years on the market.

While you can get Coca-Cola almost anywhere, there are two countries where it is not sold in Cuba and North Korea.

Coca-Cola left Cuba after the revolution, when Fidel Castro took over, and the soda has never been sold in North Korea, although there are reports of clandestine sales.

At some point in history there was also a third country that prevented the brand from having an official presence, this was Burma. Despite this, after announcements from the United States where it is about to relax restrictions on investments, commercial products and services necessary for Burma, Coca-Cola announced its return after sixty years of absence.

Coca-Cola was also absent from Myanmar for decades, but that changed a few years ago.

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