WeChat: The social network with more users than Instagram

The WeChat instant messaging app is the main means of communication in the Asian continent.

Some statistics estimate that it is much larger than Instagram, as it has around 900 million users.

A secret that makes this app unique is that you can perform different actions, pay bills, manage a medical appointment, buy tickets, food delivery and more.

As you can see, WeChat is something like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Google Play and Slack at the same time, so it’s no wonder they call it “the super app”.

And it is clear that its functions have caught on among users, since it has 1.151 million active users according to Statista. In addition, it is available in 20 languages, including Spanish.

The first thing you need to do to sign up for WeChat is to download its app on your smartphone. You can do it from the app store on your phone or from the WeChat website. Go to www.wechat.com/en/ and click Download. The new screen will show you different download options, depending on your mobile platform.

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