What is the first phase of love?

A love relationship goes through different stages that differ in intensity, passion, commitment, need for the other, etc. Love evolves over time without this meaning that the “spark” goes out, what happens is that it transforms over the years. In reality, love is always changing.

What are the phases of love?

We have all perceived in our own skin the different phases of a relationship. But, according to studies we can identify the following stages of a love relationship.

The first phase of love is known as “falling in love” and while we are in it, we idealize the other. During these stages of a relationship we think that our partner has no flaws, or, if they do, they are minimal and are compensated by their abundant and exceptional virtues.

During the phase of falling in love, people usually spend a lot of time united and together. This is due precisely to all the feelings and emotions that are perceived towards the lover. In these phases of love, the woman or man in love usually wants to be with the other person for a long time.

It is very common that when starting or being in a relationship, people wonder how long the infatuation lasts. The reason for this is that this is one of the stages of love that is most enjoyed within a relationship. According to different studies, these phases of love usually last between six months and two years. Even so, there is a small part of the population (between 15% and 30%) who say that they are still in love despite the fact that it has been many years and that it feels like in the first months of the relationship.

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