What is the probability of a woman getting pregnant?

Let’s imagine that a healthy couple decides to have a sexual relationship. What would be the estimated probability that this sexual act would end in pregnancy?

Depending on the day of the month, the figure will range from 0 to 9%. On average, we can say that the probability of intercourse ending in pregnancy (as long as there are no measures to avoid it) is approximately 3%.

Let’s imagine that a man has 100 sexual relations with different women in a year. In the end, on average, he would have three children. Naturally, that average is calculated excluding multiple factors.

It must also be taken into account that men are less and less fertile. In just 40 years, male fertility has been reduced by more than 50%: sperm concentration has dropped by 52.4% specifically in men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

But even in these unrealistically ideal conditions, one hundred intercourses will only end in three pregnancies. That does not mean that there are no men who have fathered, for example, 150 children… like this case of a sperm donor. But in traditional intercourse, reaching that figure would mean 5,000 ideal intercourses.

And that, in a normal man, a normal dose of semen contains more than 180 million sperm.

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