What makes your eyes red in the pool?

If you dive a lot in the pool and open your eyes, eventually they will turn a little red and sting slightly. The popular reason given for this fact is the chlorine concentration of the water.

However, the origin of this is not chlorine, but the urine of all the people who pass through the pool.

The true origin of the itching and redness of our eyes, in addition to urine, are other unpleasant substances, such as fecal remains, traces of sweat and dirt in general from the body of pool users.

Actually, chlorine is an indirect responsible. When urine and chlorine mix, the combination converts the chlorine into an ammonia derivative called chloramine, which has a distinctive odor, a reputation for causing respiratory problems and a burning effect on the eyes.

Worst of all, though, are the fecal remains. People with diarrhea can spread Cryptosporidium, a chlorine-resistant parasite that is the leading cause of waterborne illness.

To avoid these evils, users must be forced to go through the shower before entering the pool. And not to pee on it, of course.

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