Why is Google called Google?

One of the most sought after curiosities and that few know is about the meaning of the name of Google, since in the first instance it was going to be called “BackRub”.

The founders of Google did not initially think of this name to baptize their search engine. Larry Page (of American origin) and Sergey Brin (of Russian origin) originally called BackRub the postgraduate project they were developing at Stanford University, in San Francisco, California, in the United States, with which they tried to create a system that would allow classify the web pages that existed on the Internet.

Page and Brin called it BackRub, because the system was based on links that allowed websites to be ordered and segmented according to their importance. However, when he started his doctoral studies, they changed the name to Google.

“Google”, which comes from the term “googol”, which means 1 in a million, which was related to the objective they wanted to achieve, which was to organize the large amount of information that was on the web.

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