Your Macbook could save your life

Sometimes the Apple products that we have in our hands keep more secrets than we think at first. Without going any further, our own Mac can save our lives because although we can say that it is a fairly fragile device, its battery can withstand even the impact of a bullet.

It is not the most common that a bullet is directed against oneself when we are walking down the street, but unfortunately in 2007 in Brazil a MacBook user faced the same death. Apparently this user that we have mentioned was the victim of a robbery and, given the refusal to give in, the robber pressed the trigger of his weapon. Instinct commands in these cases to cover with the first thing we have at hand and in this case it was his MacBook.

The surprise was that the bullet hit the battery of the equipment and did not go through it, saving the life of the user. But the matter did not end here since apparently the equipment continued to function normally as if it had not been hit by any bullet. This is a clear indication that we are dealing with a really resistant battery that can withstand any type of impact such as that of a bullet. Beyond saving us from a firefight, if we want to use it as a shield, this makes us think that the battery of our Macs will not break easily.

Any type of impact that our Mac suffers can cause them to end up swelling and even explode. That is why Apple will have made sure to have an extremely resistant battery in its equipment to avoid major problems such as explosion.

What is clear is that there are many details around our teams that we do not get to know but thanks to these events we can finally know them.

And you, have you been forced to use your Mac as a bulletproof shield?

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